Pony Stitch Needles-Crewels


   Creative Sewing at its best

Hand Sewing reaches new levels of excellence with neat  evenly spaced stitches without the need of measuring and making . Designed to boost confidence , speed up sewing and achieve perfection , the Certain Stitch spacing system is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Embroidery , fashion , home sewing ,quilting - Certain stitch Needles have been developed to give consistent stitches.  There are multiple way to use the needles from masterful hand stitched hems and  hand quilting to top stitching and surface embellishments ; all can be achieved at the height of excellence

 A band of colour  has been added to the needle shaft , making it easy to see how long the stitch length should be . The resulting stitches  are evenly spaced and of a consistent length,  reducing time and effort and making wonky sewing a thing of the past !

Price : Rs 44

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