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Tubular Plastic Knobbed Knitting Pin

The most widely recognized tool of knitting is the knobbed knitting pin or the single-pointed pin which is straight. This knitting pin is made from plastic used for heavier projects which are knitted on jumbo sizes for a faster finish.These plastic needles are smooth, light and warm and are especially comfortable for the knitters with joint problems.These straight pins are tapered to a point at one end, with a knob on the opposite end of the point which provides the indication of the pin size (diameter) making it easier for the knitter to identify the gauge of pin to be used. It is important to clearly identify the knitting pin in relation to the thickness of the yarn/wool which ultimately affects the tension and finish of the garment. These pins are always used in pairs and are used to knit back and forth which produces flat pieces that can be sewn together.

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