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Self Healing - Cutting Mat A2

Self Healing Mat also known as the Rotary Cutter Mat acts as a protective surface that prevents damage to your Tables, Desks Tops when cutting from sharp blades. Self - Healing Mat recovers immediately and is also reverse able. These healing mats are safe,durable and odor –free. The marked pattern and grids help in easier measurement for cutting and can also be used as a guide when drawing.

Size A2:60x45cm (25״x18״)
Color Green
Thickness  3 mm

Features & Uses:

  • 5 Layers Standard Mat.
  • Green Colour with 2 sides Metric Print.
  • Suitable for craft knives and rotary cutter.
  • Anti-Slip Surface.
  • Protects the work Surface.
  • Can be used for writing, drawing and cutting.
  • Can be used for any art project in school and at home.
  • Can also be used as mouse pad for computer.

To make your project more enjoyable, we recommend you use some of our Pony knitting accessories such  as Rotary Cutter  & Rotary Cutter Blade.

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