Hooked on Crochet

As a beginner to crochet, the best option would be to buy a set of assorted crochet hooks. If that is too overwhelming, go in for a medium-sized hook. As you progress in crochet, and widen your skill, you could look into options for crochet hooks. Crochet hooks come in different sizes and types. Just as with knitting needles, you have to find the right hook for your project or else your work could turn out not as well-finished as expected.

Basic Crochet hooks
Crochet hooks are commonly made of aluminium, plastic, or bamboo. They come in different sizes and crochet hooks are measured by letters or in millimetres. For example, a general sized crochet hook is an H-8 5mm crochet hook. In India, crochet hooks are usually referred to by millimetres. It is essential to match your crochet hook to your yarn weight. A beginner will usually work with a size G or H crochet hook that go typically well with worsted weight yarn.

Ergonomic hooks 
These are the best hooks for those who have hand conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or for those who find it uncomfortable working with regular crochet hooks for a long period of time. The ergonomically shaped larger handles have a good grip and is also ideal for beginner crocheters or children who want to learn to crochet.

Thread crochet hooks
Have you seen those classic crochet doilies that look like lace? Those are made using thread using very fine hooks. Thread crochet hooks are similar to regular crochet hooks but are much smaller in size and are usually made of steel so that they don’t bend . They are used with fine yarn to make delicate laces and intricate fabric.

Tunisian crochet hooks
Not every crochet hobbyist uses Tunisian crochet , as it uses a different set of stitches and forms a knitted texture on the fabric. While you can work with a regular crochet hook, this style typically uses Tunisian crochet hooks, otherwise known as Afghan hooks, that are longer than regular hooks. They also may have a cable connecting one hook end to the other hook end.

The Knook like the Tunisian crochet hook, is used to create a knit-like fabric. It looks like a regular crochet hook except that it has a small hole at one end, through which you thread a cord for holding your stitches.

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