Acrylic Quilting Ruler30cmx30cm

One of the essential  tool  for quilting or sewing are the quilting rulers available in 4 sizes .These rulers are made of clear acrylic with standard measurements painted across the ruler and along with the Rotary Cutter helps the quilter to make precise cuts easily.

Features and uses :

  • To use along with rotary cutters and craft knives.
  • Made from durable acrylic to enable clean cuts on multi-layers.
  • Computer generated grid and markings ensure consistent accuracy.
  • Two colors grid can be used on both light or dark fabrics.
  • 3mm thickness quilting ruler.

To make your project more enjoyable, we recommend you use some of our Pony knitting accessories such  as Rotary Cutter  ,Rotary Cutter Blade & Self Healing Mats.

Price : Rs 880

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